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The Booth & Bus Co. Photo Bus experience is unlike any other photo booth experience out there.  Whether you're going for shabby chic, rustic, vintage, beach-inspired or just want something different and unique, the Photo Bus is exactly what you've been looking for. Jump in and take a pic. We'll handle the rest.

The VW Photo Bus Icon -The Booth & Bus Co.


We didn't just throw a photo booth inside a VW Bus and call it a Photo Bus. We fully restored a vintage VW and built out the interior to create a complete vintage experience.

The VW Photo Bus Printing Icon -The Booth & Bus Co.


We want everyone who uses the bus to walk away with a print. We'll make sure to print enough for all.

The VW Photo Bus Camera Icon -The Booth & Bus Co.


High-end DSLR cameras, studio quality lighting, all built into a beautiful vintage facade. Everything about our Photo Bus is stunning.

The VW Photo Bus Staff Icon -The Booth & Bus Co.


Masters of smile and 10000% professional. We have the best team and they can't wait to party with you. 


Here's a list of features that come with all our Photo Bus rentals.

Gorgeous Custom Prints

Our state-of-the-art, photo lab quality printers will have you holding a photo just seconds after you've hopped out of the booth. The prints come out dry, ready for you to enjoy, and will last a lifetime. Customize your strips to look like your wedding invites, with your company logo, the theme of your party, or something completely unique.  If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

The Booth & Bus Co. - Custom designed photo strips

Beautiful Images + Backdrops

The Booth and Bus Co. - Los Angeles Photo Booth and Photo Bus - Professional Equipment - Image

All Pro Everything

From hand-built photo booths to high-end DSLR cameras, from studio flashes to hand-picked booth Operators, our main goal is to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. No hand cut, blurry photo strip with bad graphics and web-cam pictures. Professional everything: Cameras, prints, graphics, and Operators. It doesn't get any better.

High Quality Props

No Photo Booth is complete without a good set of props. And most of our packages include props for free! We've got fun hats, silly glasses, lips and mustcahes on a stick, cool masks and hilarious hand signs. Our props are always high quality, clean, fun, and up-to-date. We're also happy to put out any props you'd like to bring and if you'd like to upgrade, we'll bring props to match your theme.

The Booth and Bus Co. - Los Angeles Photo Booth and Photo Bus - High Quality Props - Image
The Booth & Bus Co. Staff
The Booth & Bus Co. Staff
The Booth & Bus Co. Staff
The Booth & Bus Co. Staff

Amazing Staff

Our friendly, super awesome Operators will be at your event the entire time. Their job is to make sure your event runs smoothly, that everyone is having a good time and knows how to use the equipment. They'll laugh a lot and engage your guests. They are a huge part of why our service is second to none. 

Build a Photo Bus Package

It all starts with The Essentials - keep it simple or build from here.

Scroll down to see our Photo Bus Options.

Booth and Bus Co Pricing and Package Guide

The Essentials


3 hours

One of Our Super Awesome Staff

Instant/Live Viewing

Edited Images + Online Gallery


Custom Designed Photo Strip

Setup & Tear Down

Prints For All

The Photo Bus

Photo Bus Options

Custom Neon

Put your own touch of personalization on our bus. We'll work with you to create a custom neon sign with the text of your choice and we'll mount it on the bus. The best part is, after the event you get to keep it. 

The Booth & Bus Co. - Custom Neon Sign

Additional Time

We get it. Some of you are party animals and 3 hours just won't cut it. We got you covered. There are two types of time you can add - Coverage time and Non-Op Time. Coverage Time is active photo taking time. Non-Op would be if you needed us to shut down for an hour during dinner or arrive early for setup. 

Guest Book

All of our Guest Books are custom made 10x10 black leather albums. They're handmade for our clients and the quality is something we're super proud of. 


Email + Text

We all have those friends who can't wait to get their pics up on insta. Our Email + Text add-on allows them to send themselves their photo right from the booth instantly after they're done snapping.

*Note: Active cell service or wifi connection is required.

Want GIF with that?

A GIF is a series of pics taken super quickly, smooshed together, then played backwards and forwards, over and over until the end of time. You'll get to email it right to your phone and we'll even create a custom graphic overlay for it. Think of it as a digital flipbook of awesomeness.

The Booth & Bus Co. - Add GIF to your Photo Bus


Read why people love The Booth & Bus Co. so much:

The Booth & Bus Co. - Check out our reviews
The Booth & Bus Co. - Check out our reviews
The Booth & Bus Co. - Check out our reviews
The Booth & Bus Co. - Servicing Los Angeles and the Rest of Southern California


For events over 50 miles from our office we load the Photo Bus up on a trailer and tow it. This takes all the unpredicatability of driving a vintage vehicle out of the equation and ensures we arrive safely on schedule. We're currently traveling all over Central and Southern California.

You're going to love The Booth & Bus Co.

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